Launching the Japan Challenge for Deep Tech Technologies


Hello Tomorrow is a global organisation on a mission to accelerate deep tech technology research and entrepreneurship, and to bring breakthrough innovation to real world solutions and commercial scale.
We achieve this through the Hello Tomorrow Challenge, the largest deep tech startup competition that was designed specifically to answer the needs of deep tech entrepreneurs.

Participate to the Hello Tomorrow Japan Challenge, and win your ticket to the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit!

During the event, you will hear testimonies of past winners, explaining how the Hello Tomorrow challenge was a game changer for them, and learn about outstanding technologies and human adventures.


5:00 – 5:10PM – Official launching of the Japan Challenge
Jean Dominique Francois, Hello Tomorrow Japan deep tech expert

5:10 – 5:30PM - Keynote – How Winning HT 2019 Helped RxAll Grow into Trusted Marketplace for Quality Medicines in Africa
RxAll was the Grand winner of the 2018 Hello Tomorrow Global challenge
Adebayo Alongue, RxAll Founder & CEO

5:30 – 5:50PM – Keynote - Winning Hello Tomorrow Japan Challenge
Aster was the Grand winner of the 2018 Hello Tomorrow Japan challenge
Kenjiro Yamamoto, Aster co-Founder

5:50 – 6:10 – Keynote – “Goodbye Tomorrow, Hello Today”
Insightness won the Advanced Computing and AI track of the 2018 Hello Tomorrow Global challenge
Christian Braenli, Insightness co-Founder

6:10– 6:30PM – Demo – AI applied to patents
Samuel Davis, Amplified founder & CEO

6:30 – 7:10PM – 2020 Global Challenge Finalist startup testimonies and pitches, Healthcare tracks

Aidx Medical2020 winner of the Digital health & Medical Devices track - Affordable and reliable diagnosis of (tropical) parasitic diseases for low-resource settings. Making malaria diagnosis accessible for everyone
Temitope Agbana, CEO

Cellsway - 2020 finalist of the Digital health & Medical Devices track - Development of microfludics and lab-on-a-chip systems for biomedical applications.
Özge Zorlu, CTO

Cutiss Ag - 2020 finalist of the Medical Biotech track - Personalised skin tissue therapy
Daniela Marino, CEO

7:10 – 7:15 – Wrap-up / next steps
Claire Bochard, Hello Tomorrow Japan


RxAll is a Trusted Marketplace Platform for on-demand delivery of authenticated quality medicines. They serve hospitals, pharmacies and patients through a curated network of pharma manufacturers and wholesalers.
Adabayo Alonge is RxAll co-Founder and CEO. He has more than 10 years pharmacy entrepreneurship experience across West-Central Africa, North America and SE Asia.
Degrees in B.Pharm(UI), MBA (LBS), MAM-private equity and venture capital (Yale), MPA-in view (Harvard)

About 60% of the population in the world is using masonry houses and most are located in frequent earthquake area. The compelling problem is that most of that masonry houses are highly vulnerable to earthquakes, and therefore about 80% of the casualties in the past earthquakes are caused by the collapse of masonry houses.
Aster have developed the UNTI-EARTHQUAKE COATING so that the users can easily retrofit their houses with no techniques and low cost.
Key milestones:
2018 Nov. Feasibility study (Experiment) in Univ. of Tokyo finished
2018 Dec. Hello Tomorrow Japan Challenge winner
2019 Jan. Established
2019 Apr. Partner discussion started in Nepal
2020 Aug. Started the Pilot Project
Kenjiro Yamamoto has a PhD of Engineering and is a project assistant prof. in Univ. of Tokyo. Born in Kochi, one of the enthusiastic prefectures in education of earthquake disaster prevention. Joined Meguro Lab., UTokyo(Urban Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Lab.) in 4th grade of an undergraduate, and since then 7 years of experience in the research of urban earthquake disaster mitigation. Had developed seismic retrofitting of masonry houses by painting with current CEO Suzuki, and with that theme got many awards in conferences inside and outside Japan. Launched Aster Co. Ltd. with him and current COO Shanthanu. Hobbies are composing musics and making animations.

During his PhD studies at ETH Zurich, Christian Braenli realized the potential of the so-called event-based vision sensor technology. Together with colleagues, he founded Insightness, a startup that develops vision sensors and algorithms for mixed reality and drones. In 2019 Insightness was acquired by Sony Semiconductor Solutions and since then he is heading the renamed Sony Advanced Visual Sensing Lab.

Sam Davis is the co-founder and CEO of Amplified, a company using AI to simplify the patent system and accelerate technology development. Prior to Amplified, Sam was the head of global business development at a leading global patent research and analytics company where he oversaw Asia expansion and consulted for Fortune 500 corporate R&D and IP departments. Since 2015, he has also worked as an advisor and angel investor in artificial intelligence start-ups focused on deep learning. Sam is also a passionate father of two, lover of languages, and an avid songwriter and guitarist.

AiDx Medical offers an affordable automated alternative to standard microscopy, for reliable diagnosis of malaria and other blood parasitic diseases in human and animals. To make diagnosis accessible for everyone.
T.E.Agbana obtained his PhD at the Delft Centre for Systems and Controls based on his work “Smart optics against smart parasites”. His work has since obtained several grants, awards & recognition from Netherland Organisation for Scientific Research and other International Organisations. He is a TEDx speaker and he aims at developing affordable & reliable diagnostic devices to make diagnosis available for everyone. He is the CEO of AiDx Medical, in the Netherlands.

Cellsway develops a patent-pending microfluidic liquid biopsy technology that enables isolation and enumeration of Circulating Tumor Cells from blood samples of patients for better cancer management.
Dr. Özge Zorlu Electronics Eng (METU, TR), PhD in Microsystems (EPFL, CH). Worked as a researcher in academia for 15 years in various projects on microsystems. CTO of Cellsway, UK (formerly Mikro Biyosistemler (TR)) since 2015, where he is responsible for the microfluidic technology, product development, and commercialization and market launch strategy. He authored 6 patents, 22 journal articles & >40 conference papers.

CUTISS is a Swiss Life Science Company, spin-off of the University of Zurich, developing personalized skin graft technologies for the treatment of a large spectrum of skin defects. Its lead product candidate, denovoSkin™, has been tested in a phase I clinical trial on pediatric patients at the University Children’s Hospital in Zurich. Phase II studies are currently ongoing in Switzerland and the European Union and are partially funded by Wyss Zurich. denovoSkin™ has received Orphan Drug Designation for the treatment of burns by Swissmedic, EMA and FDA. In addition, denovoSkin™ aims to improve life quality of elective (reconstructive treatments) patients as well and it can further be developed in terms of complexity by adding pigmentation.
Daniela Marino studied Biotechnology in Milan (IT), did her PhD at ETH Zurich on vascular biology and then continued as PostDoc at the university of Zurich. During her scientific career at University, Daniela had the change to reveal her managerial skills and in 2016 decided to build a company to bring the bioengineered product developed in collaboration with the University Children Hospital in Zurich.

Jean Dominique Francois, Hello Tomorrow Japan deep tech advisor.
20 years of international business development experience including 10 years in Asia Pacific, essentially in Japan. 10+ years as manager or co-founder of European startups, essentially software, 5 years as manager and expert for public agencies for building and promoting startup ecosystems.

Claire Bochard, Hello Tomorrow Japan Project Director
20 years’ experience in Finance, project, change management and process optimization.
Passionate with helping technological startups to bring game changing innovations to the market.

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日時:2020年12月10日 17:00-19:00 (開場:16:45)

Nihonbashi Honcho YS Building
2-2-2 Nihonbashi Honcho 2F
Chuo-ku 103-0023 Tokyo

Hello Tomorrow Japan Corporate members 無料
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▶Date: 10 December 2020 - 17:00-19:00 (doors will open 16:45)

▶Venue: CCIFJ
Nihonbashi Honcho YS Building
2-2-2 Nihonbashi Honcho 2F
Chuo-ku 103-0023 Tokyo

Hello Tomorrow Japan Corporate members ¥0 Free
Corporate, Investor, Accelerators ¥2,000
Government agency, University, Researcher, Startup ¥0 Free
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・The schedule and the speaker may change
・There will be photo and video taking for PR
・Most speakers will be by video conference

▼主催 - Organizer
Hello Tomorrow Japan





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